Akuma: Thoughts and Themes

The training rooms are packed and Season 2 of ‘Street Fighter V’ is officially underway! Of course, one of the foremost stories heading into S2 was the addition of our favorite demon, Akuma. Aside from the incredibly fashionable lion’s mane, what else is new about Akuma? Does he have top-tier potential? OrangeMan chimed in, live from Georgetown, Guyana:

“Akuma seems ridiculously powerful; he does insane damage. It’s also incredibly easy to make set plays with him. When people optimize his set plays with frame kills, etc., it might almost be like he has a vortex similar to ‘Street Fighter 4’ Akuma. It might even be a stronger vortex than before, since meterless DPS is no longer invulnerable.”

In light of SFV balance adjustments, OrangeMan went on to explain how these changes will affect his own play.

“My only saving grace is that Rashid got a lot better. Guile, Laura, Urien, and Balrog also got much better. Luckily, Rashid is good against all those characters except Guile, who’ll be a problem.”

It will be very interesting to see how the world’s top players adapt to these changes in 2017.

To commemorate Akuma’s long awaited arrival into SFV, JFKrateZ has returned with another addition to his growing Beat Fighter V catalogue. Check out his ambitious reinterpretation of Akuma’s theme below!

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