Ryan “OrangeMan” Thomas


Oh, you still don’t know? He’s only one of the world’s best Rashid players. Hailing from London, Ontario, Ryan “OrangeMan” Thomas certainly raised a few eyebrows with his glitzy, high-flying style of play. After sending SMUG, Dieminion, and Sanford Kelly to losers bracket at East Coast Throwdown, BLMRBL|OrangeMan earned a spot on many people’s radars, from John Takeuchi to Liquid NuckleDu and the Event Hubs staff.

He continued making noise by winning Red Bull Proving Ground’s Fight for the 6ix: Final Defense, winning London’s Fight Fest III, placing 33rd at CPT premier event Canada Cup, and taking the time to share some Rashido tech on Twitter.

That’s who.

Though, as the #1 Rashid player online–and having ranked as highly as 9th overall–we can’t say that we’re surprised. We knew Thomas would have a good year when we signed him, and he definitely met those expectations; CPT 2017 may very-well be his breakout year.

If you follow the FGC closely, you might have already known all of that. What you probably don’t know is how he got here, where he wants to go, what his natural hair color is, and how Street Fighter fits into his life as a full-time Computer Science student.

Stay tuned for our full interview with OrangeMan!

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