East Coast Throwdown 2016

This is why we love the FGC. Founded by John Gallagher and L.I. Joe, East Coast Throwdown is one of the biggest Capcom Pro Tour events on the East Coast. This past weekend, the Blue Marble team had the pleasure of attending our very first major event as a vendor—it was one for the ages. The amount of energy and encouragement that emanated throughout Hyatt Morristown was incredible, and the number of Street Fighter fans and players that showed love for our product was overwhelming.

Not to mention, our first sponsored player, Ryan “OrangeMan” Thomas, showed great promise with his impressive Rashid play. In his first major tournament, he managed to defeat Smug, Dieminion, and Santhrax to make the Top 32 in winners’ bracket (from the death bracket, at that)! Finishing 17th overall, OrangeMan’s performance was exceptional. We’re extremely excited to send him to more tourneys!

The Fighting Game Community is special. We’re grateful for the opportunity to share our love for Street Fighter with the entire world. From meeting Daigo Umehara to blasting Beat Fighter V and engaging with other top players, this weekend will go down as a classic for us at Blue Marble. See below for a few pics from this awesome event!

The battle grounds. (Photo by FloKO)


Our CMO pictured with Daigo Umehara himself, along with some signed BM tees!


The man of the hour: Ryan “OrangeMan” Thomas!


The Beat Fighter. JFKrateZ.



True Blue was in full effect this weekend! Here are just a few pics of the fans in their Blue Marble gear.






57ce375dc2d04^Photo: by Vincent Carchietta for USA Today.

57ce374e19a45^Photo: by Vincent Carchietta for USA Today.



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