Beat Fighter V – JFKrateZ

The Street Fighter series has always been striking for a variety of reasons: the lovable character design, the polished gameplay, the highly competitive fan community, and, of course, the music. Whether you first started playing Street Fighter at the local arcade or on your home console, there’s a good chance you know Chun-Li or Ken’s theme song off the top of your head. Undoubtedly, the music is one of the most memorable aspects of the fighting game series.

Maryland-based producer/emcee JFKrateZ just dropped an impressive reinterpretation of Ken’s theme song as the first single from his upcoming Beat Fighter V EP. Meant to celebrate one of his favorite compositions from the game, “Shoryuken (Ken Theme)” brings a hip-hop touch (and some explosive electric-guitar riffs) to a very familiar tune. Check it out below and be on the look out for the entire set of Street Fighter-inspired beats on Friday, July 15!

*UPDATE* Beat Fighter V is OUT! Take a listen to all six tracks below:

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